A Day with Sarah McRae

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Today in ‘Time of Our Lives’ we meet Sarah, a woman living with Down syndrome who is proving anything is possible. Sarah is described as a happy and passionate person who is full of compassion. Sarah loves to help people and is a fantastic listener. Nicknamed ‘Giggles’, Sarah is a bubbly person with a great sense of humour, who never fails to make her friends laugh. Sarah says she loves children, animals, fashion and being stylish. She also enjoys keeping active, being social and singing in the Together Red Choir.
Sarah is currently working in childcare, which has always been her dream job. She is in the process of completing a Cert III in Childcare this year to enhance her skillset in this industry. While Sarah says she can become anxious when stressed or disorganised, she firmly believes in the power of positive affirmations and, as a person who values independence and living life to the fullest, is always working on herself to become the best person she can be.

In 2022, Sarah is working on catching up with friends as much as possible and organising social events at her house. Sarah has been involved with Down Syndrome Queensland for as long as she can remember, with her dad once sitting on the Board of Down Syndrome Queensland. Sadly, he has passed away but Sarah continues his legacy of being in leadership roles within Down Syndrome Queensland, and feels that he would be very proud of her achievements. Sarah is a part of the Queensland Down Syndrome Advisory Network (QDSAN), providing advice to the Down Syndrome Queensland Board. She is also part of the DSQ Peer Support Network and has contributed to DSQ podcasts and other projects, programs and workshops. She is one of DSQ’s go-to leaders, due to her great work ethic and can-do attitude.

Sarah’s main piece of advice is to “be helpful, do things for others, and be kind”. In the future, Sarah wants to keep learning and growing as a person, making both herself and her dad proud. We thank Sarah for her time today and wish her all the best of luck for the rest of 2022.

For more information on how Down Syndrome Queensland can support your school contact one of our Education Consultants, (07) 3356 6655, email education@downsyndromeqld.org.au or visit our website https://www.downsyndrome.org.au/qld/

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