A Young Man Who Stays Active and Gets Involved

A Young Man Who Stays Active and Gets Involved thumbnail.

In the ‘Time of Our Lives’ this week, we feature Shai Mayberry – a young man who just loves staying active and getting involved.

Shai’s mother, Sandra Mayberry, was first introduced to DSQ 21 years ago when Shai was 5 weeks old. Being a mother of a child with Down syndrome was all new to her and she wanted to meet other parents of children who have Down syndrome, to ask questions, find information and most of all, support. The Mayberry family has been involved ever since.

Shai is an active member of DSQ through capacity building programs such as the Continued Education Program (CEP) and Latch-On, which have been specifically designed to meet the need for useful ongoing education. Learning does not stop just because school is over in year 12. At 21, Shai feels he is in a good place of learning and gaining maturity.

DSQ provides Shai with lots of opportunities to make friends his own age and with similar interests through a range of online, social and sporting opportunities such as DSQ Challenge weekend and the New Year’s Eve Ball.

An avid sportsman, Shai has experienced a range of sports including soccer, rugby and AFL, in addition to swimming at the Special Olympics. Shai’s other passion is cricket, where he was named player of the match in the Tri 21 Series Indoor cricket competition and recently carried out 12th Man duties for the Coastal Marlins and Darling Dingoes in the Brisbane Premier League, an elite cricket competition for Queensland’s best amateur players.

Family, DSQ and sport are an important part of Shai’s life and are the reasons why he has grown into the outstanding young man he is today.

To find for more information on the wide range of DSQ programs available, call Andrew on 07 33 56 6655 or email: programs@downsyndromeqld.org.au

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