Back to School from Student’s Perspective

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Today in ‘Time of Our Lives,’ we will be hearing from George, a student with Down syndrome who has started Grade One this week at his local state school. George started his life needing tubes for oxygen and couldn’t walk until 4 years of age, but now he loves meeting new people and spending time with his friends at school. The following excerpt is written by George’s mum, Cass, from George’s perspective.

‘My name is George, and I am excited to start Grade One. My first day was so fun and it was good to see everyone after the holidays. I am tired now though. But I love my friends and am very happy to be back. My favourite subjects are games (PE), music and lunch time. One thing I like about my school is that I get to learn from the people in my class. They help me to learn so many new things and help me in everything I do.

My mum was a little bit sad to drop me off, but she didn’t cry, but we were both so excited to be at school. We spent the holidays reading stories about school to help me prepare. We also looked at some photos from when I was in Prep. I can’t wait to tell my friends about all the cool places I went on the holidays.

When you’re in Grade One, it’s important to keep making friends and learning things. I can’t wait for the rest of the year and am excited to keep going to school’.

We thank George for his interview about starting the school year and are looking forward to hearing of his progress in 2022.

Down Syndrome Queensland offer a range of educational services and resources to ensure your journey through school has the same inclusiveness as George’s.

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