From finding support to Peer Supporter

From finding support to Peer Supporter thumbnail.

This week in ‘Time of Our Lives’, we feature Dixzy Pinto. Down Syndrome Queensland north side Peer Supporter, Latch-On and CEP teacher’s aide and mother of Daniel, who has Down syndrome.

Two years ago, after relocating from regional New South Wales with her family, Dixzy found herself in Brisbane raising a teenage boy with Down syndrome without any support around her, a tough assignment at the best of times.

Looking for assistance, Dixzy decided to reach out to Down Syndrome Queensland (DSQ) to build her support network. From this contact, Dixzy joined the DSQ North Brisbane support group where she was embraced by families facing similar challenges, and who are always there for each other through family get togethers, joining in DSQ programs and even the odd mum’s night out.

Raising a child with Down syndrome is not easy, but it is important to know that you are not alone and DSQ are here to help. “Some days in my life are sunny and bright, and some of them are cloudy, but my best motivation is to see my cheeky teenager Daniel living his normal life – in this crazy world where we live.” Dixzy reflects.

After establishing a network within the community, Dixzy saw the value of sharing her experience and supporting people with Down syndrome and has since taken up the role of North Side Peer Supporter as well as a teacher’s aide position in DSQ’s Latch-On and CEP classes. When asked about her motivation behind taking on these positions, Dixzy was forthright in declaring “I wanted to help young people with Down syndrome achieve their goals and reach better opportunities in life.”

DSQ’s ‘Peer Supporters’ are volunteers along with adults with Down syndrome who are the connection between DSQ and its members and participants. Peer Supporters help us ensure that we meet the needs and wants of the community and provide invaluable support to the community via their own lived experience.

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