Our Mission, Objectives & Vision

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To build community awareness and to support, advocate for and empower people with Down syndrome to take their rightful place as valuable and contributing members of their communities.


  • to support, encourage and inform people with Down syndrome and their family groups throughout Queensland;
  • to provide support and services which specifically address the issues and concerns faced by people with Down syndrome, their families and carers;
  • to educate, inform and support health, educational and other professionals, students, support network members and the wider community;
  • to be the representative body for issues relating to Down syndrome to government, service providers and other community organisations;
  • to stimulate and expand community recognition and awareness as to the individual rights, abilities and needs of people with Down syndrome;
  • to actively engage with the Down syndrome community to understand current and emerging issues and needs concerning our members.


The vision of Down Syndrome Queensland is to be the preferred point of contact and source of information for people with Down syndrome, their families, carers and the wider community so that they may achieve the support, expert advice and quality services they require to fulfil their potential.                                                                                                                                                                    

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This will be achieved through a variety of means, including:

  • listening closely people with Down syndrome and their families, to ensure that their stories are heard, and their needs are addressed;
  • building strategic connections with businesses whose views and ideals align with those of Down Syndrome Queensland;
  • provision, where possible, of an individual support worker who can walk with a family and provide support and consistency throughout that family’s journey;
  • facilitating community links and peer support;
  • consulting closely with businesses, community groups and existing services;
  • direct training of businesses, community groups and existing services;
  • providing relevant, meaningful and individualised services to people with Down syndrome and their families;
  • creating consortia with other organisations where possible and beneficial.

Our Values

Our values express what we stand for and guide the way we do things.  Our values are core to our business, and we align everything we do with them.  Here at DSQ, we have three core values.


We remain true to our Mission and are honest, open, ethical, and fair. We take accountability for our actions and our actions match our words.

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What we do, we do well.   We act with courage to create a better future.

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We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and backgrounds to succeed.  We collaborate to leverage collective knowledge.

As a values-based organisation we know that we will not achieve our strategy unless we get our values right.  Putting these values into action will help us to build community awareness and to support, advocate for and empower people with Down syndrome.