Reading Our Way

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Reading Our Way is an innovative reading program that has been designed to teach early reading and word recognition to both children and adults. The all-inclusive program teaches sight words through fun, interactive and engaging activities, with everything that is needed to implement the program included in the kit.

Reading Our Way is designed for all ages putting practical solutions in the hands of teachers and parents who want to share the benefits of reading with their child or student, from pre-school age to adult. At each stage of development, the Reading Our Way kit is designed to help you teach reading at the pace of the individual with all the tools you need to help whole word recognition techniques transform the educational opportunities available. Research has shown that people with Down syndrome have strong visual memory skills, and therefore will benefit to learn to read using the whole-word approach. The program has been developed by Down Syndrome Queensland, based on the latest research into reading instruction and the learning profile of people with Down syndrome

Reading Our Way can be purchased with NDIS funds.  To find out more, visit the Reading Our Way website.

Click here to visit the Reading Our Way website.