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Peer Support Network for family members

Are you a parent or close family member of a person with Down syndrome that would like to be linked in with a peer?

The Peer Support Network is a volunteer program facilitated by DSQ for people to find support from others in the same community. Peer Supporters are parents and close family members of people with Intellectual Disability across Queensland who want to offer support in their community.

If you wish to speak to someone in our Peer Support Network, please get in touch by calling (07) 3356 6655 or email

Volunteer to be a Peer Supporter!

Are you someone who has potentially been through a similar situation and has been trained to offer peer support?

The activities you engage with as a Peer Supporter will be shaped by your interests and strengths in particular areas. These activities provide an integral part of DSQ’s support to members and may include the following:

  • providing information and informal support to families and people with Down syndrome;
  • increasing awareness of Down syndrome and DSQ;
  • supporting social connections; and
  • ensuring that DSQ remains responsive and relevant to community needs.

As a Peer Supporter, you get to build your own capacity and knowledge in a supported environment, receive training and regular development opportunities, deepen community connections, and have a valued role in a growing non-profit organisation.

For people with Down syndrome

Peer Leaders are a major part of the Peer Support Network, which are people with Down syndrome.

If you have Down syndrome and want to connect, contact us today!

Phone: (07) 3356 6655


What our Peer Supporters say:

I had the opportunity to speak with a new mum that had received a postnatal diagnosis and going through that experience with her really opened my eyes to how great it was to share my experience with somebody else and how good it was for me when I was going through that to have the same thing.

I’ve gained more confidence and self-worth in this role, and I’m feeling good about myself that I am hopefully making a difference.

It’s been absolutely wonderful to be a part of this program, the future looks bright! We’ve made a lot of friends, hopefully lifelong friends. It’s going to be wonderful with my daughter growing up with everyone. It’s like we have a sense of belong now. If something comes up that we don’t know how to deal with we’ve got a lot of people around us who are willing to voice their experiences and I find that is helping us a lot.

Make a difference in people’s lives!

Get in touch!

If you are interested in supporting and representing intellectual disabilities as part of our Peer Support Network, get in touch. Contact the team on (07) 3356 6655 or send an email to

We’d love to hear from you!

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