The Dancing Queen

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Today in ‘Time of Our Lives’ we meet Kirrin, a young lady with Down syndrome. Kirrin is currently working for Down Syndrome Queensland (DSQ) as a project officer, where she helps to create training programs for people with intellectual impairments to help with safe internet usage. Kirrin also works at McDonalds.

Always busy, Kirrin’s hobbies include bowling, where she participates in a weekly bowling league, and cooking. Kirrin is also an avid performer, working with a theatre company in a range of productions. Kirrin was recently in a musical theatre showcase and performed ‘Dancing Queen’ from Mamma Mia, saying, “I am most proud of my acting”. When asked about future goals, Kirrin says she would love to become a professional performer, harnessing her talent for acting and creating a career.

On a personal level, Kirrin would like to one day have a family. She would also like to continue her involvement with Down Syndrome Queensland, where she has been participating in social programs for many years. Kirrin is a keen advocate for DSQ’s Challenge Weekends, DSQ Club events, in addition to being involved with DSQ’s Digital Literacy project.

We would like to thank Kirrin for her interview with us today and wish her the best of luck in her acting career.

DSQ offer a range of capacity building Social Programs to support and empower individuals with Down syndrome both now and into the future.

For more information on the wide range of DSQ programs call our Programs Manager, Andrew on 07 3356 6655 or email:

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