A Travel Story to See Anthony Callea

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Faye Micallef is this week’s star of ‘Time of Our Lives’. Faye, who lives in North Queensland, tells us all about her recent trip to Brisbane to attend a concert over the weekend.
My name is Faye Micallef. I am 38 this year and I live in Innisfail in North Queensland. I would like to talk about my recent trip to Brisbane. I came down to see Claire and go to an Anthony Callea concert. I spend time with Claire and her family.
I flew down independently from Cairns airport, my PA (support person) doesn’t have to come down with me and Claire’s mum meets me at the airport. I spend time with my beautiful friend Claire. I have been visiting this way from the beginning, over the past few years.
I think Anthony Callea is amazing and it was great to see him performing again.
I enjoy doing choir on zoom with Together Red and meeting new people. I love and enjoy making friendships with people who I haven’t met before.
I love coming to Brisbane to have some fun with Claire and my friends and going to the Challenge weekend and to the NYE Ball.

Faye and Claire first met at a Challenge weekend camp a few years ago and got along really well. They have plans to visit each other again soon, and even to go on a cruise together next year!
Faye’s story is about independence and proves that people with Down syndrome are just like everyone else.

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