Kindy Education Service

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About the Kindy service

DSQ’s Kindy Service is a FREE ongoing consulting service for government-approved kindergartens to increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of educators in creating an inclusive learning environment for children with Down syndrome and/or intellectual disability (diagnosed or suspected). The service builds the capacity of Kindy educators by providing advice, support, resources, and training.

Our Kindy Inclusion Consultant can support educators in government-approved kindergartens: 

  • Who teach a child with a diagnosis of Down syndrome and/or another intellectual disability;
  • Who teach a child who is being actively assessed for a diagnosis of intellectual disability; 
  • Who are interested in professional development about teaching children with intellectual disability. 

You will receive:

  • Co-constructed KINDY based goals for each educator
  • Strategies to promote an inclusive learning environment
  • Ongoing summary reports from each consultation
  • Free annual membership to the Kindy Learning Network
  • Free annual membership to Down Syndrome QLD

How can I access the service?

We conduct online consultations with Kindy centres anywhere in Queensland and continue to work with you for the full calendar year. To register for a Kindy consultation, or for further information, contact us on (07) 3356 6655 or via

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