Children with Down syndrome and COVID-19

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Children with Down syndrome and COVID-19

Families have a lot of questions about children with Down syndrome and COVID-19. In November 2021 we welcomed Dr Sarah McNab and Dr Laura Marco from the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne to talk to our community about:

  • COVID-19 and Down syndrome
  • Vaccinations and medicines
  • Masks
  • Other pertinent topics

You can watch a recording of the session below, aimed at families with children under 18 years of age.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Down Syndrome Victoria on 9486 9600 or email


Here is a list of resources and further reading.


Dr Sarah McNab

Dr Sarah McNab is a general paediatrician, a parent and the Director of General Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Sarah has cared for children with COVID-19 who have been unwell enough to require admission to hospital, and is dedicated to keeping children and their families healthy in the community.

Dr Laura Marco

Dr Laura Marco is a general paediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital, and runs the newly formed Complex Trisomy 21 clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital. She has a wide range of interests including co-ordinating care for children with complex medical needs, and using new technologies to improve access to medical care for children and their families. She is a mum to two young boys and has been working to navigate the challenges of COVID in children in both her personal and professional life.