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Down Syndrome Australia is often approached for advice on migrating to Australia or other associated visa matters, when a family member has Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Australia has a Migration Information service which aims to help people with Down syndrome and their supporting family members to explore migration and visa options, and to make informed choices about possible migration pathways.

This advice line is supported by a volunteer consultant, who is a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) and as such is bound by a government-regulated professional Code of Conduct, available on request, and by the Consumer Code  

If you would like further information on migration, please email us at migration@downsyndrome.org.au.


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Migration is when people leave their home country and go to spend the rest of their lives in another country.

Some families have problems moving to Australia because a family member has Down syndrome.

So people often ask Down Syndrome Australia for help.

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Down Syndrome Australia has a Migration Information service that helps people with Down syndrome and their families.

The service helps people with information about migration rules so they can make their decisions about what to do.

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A volunteer runs this service. The volunteer is a Registered Migration Agent.

They have to follow government rules about the way they work so that people get the right information and support.

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If you would like more information about migration, please email us at migration@downsyndrome.org.au