Club21 is a peer support network for people with Down syndrome to share social experiences with the support of a group leader and volunteers. And we'd love for you to join in!
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What is Club21?

Club21 is a peer support network for people with Down syndrome to develop friendships and share group-based, social experiences with the support of a group leader and volunteers.

Club21 is an NDIS service. Eligible participants can access this service through their NDIS plan. Please see details below as to how to find out more information about becoming a Club21 member.

Club21 includes seven groups:

  • Club21 Central (for adults aged 18+ years)
  • Club21 Eastside (for adults aged 18+ years)
  • Club21 Ballarat (for adults aged 18+ years)
  • Club21 Geelong (for adults aged 18+ years)
  • Club21 Teen (for teenagers aged 14-18 years)
  • Club21 Online (a variety of online activities and events available to both Club21 Teen and Club21 members, conducted via zoom)

What can you expect?

Club21 Central, Eastside, Ballarat and Geelong activities take place on weekends during the daytime or evening and run for 3–5 hours. Club21 also has an extensive online program.

Club21 Teen activities take place on weekends, during the daytime and run for 3-4 hours.

Club21 online activities may occur on any day of the week and run for 1–1.5 hours.

Past Club21 activities have included theatre shows, circus, pub meals, dance parties, picnics, beach, festivals, and music events, among others. Popular online events include Group Chats, Karaoke, Bingo, Scavenger Hunts and Discos.

We believe in inclusion and self advocacy. Life skills including leadership and confidence are promoted through learning opportunities and our members are encouraged to actively participate in organising activities.

Want to see what we have on offer?

To get an idea of what’s coming up please email

Interested in becoming a Club21 member or volunteer?

Members: Come and join in the activities with Club21 by becoming a member. Email Helen More at to receive more information and a copy of the intake form.

Volunteers: We need volunteers to attend the activities to socialise and assist with specific tasks when needed. It’s a lot of fun and we have a great time! Interested volunteers can email Helen More at for more information.

Read our Participant Handbook:

DSV Club21 Participant Handbook

Our Club21 program has been certified to SAI Global – NDIS standards.


Club21 meets online and face to face.

Club21 at Down syndrome Victoria

This page tells you about Club21 and how to join.


Club21 is a group for teens and adults with Down syndrome in Victoria.


Club21 is a peer support group.

Group members can meet new people and join activities.


Some of our Club 21 meetings are online. We use Zoom.

Each meeting takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.

People dancing in agroup

When we meet face to face, we do things like:

• pub meals

• dance parties

• picnics

• beach

• festivals and music events

• theatre or circus trips.

A man looks at an online meeting on a computer

When we meet online, we do things like:

• group chats

• karaoke

• Bingo

• scavenger hunts

• discos.

A group leader

A group leader and volunteers help with the meetings and activities.


Club21 is an NDIS service.

People who qualify can join Club21 using their NDIS plan.

Club 21 group

Club21 has four groups:

• Club21 Central

• Club21 Eastside

• Club21 Teen

• Club21 Online

How to find out more about Club21

A woman talks on the phone

You can contact Helen More at Down Syndrome Victoria.


Phone 9486 9600

A booklet

You can read our Participant Handbook.

It tells you about Down Syndrome Victoria and how we do our work.