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DSQ Brew

The DSQ Brew was created by two fathers who met by chance over coffee, united by their children with Down syndrome. Inspired to raise awareness and promote inclusivity, they decided to create a unique coffee brand, in conjunction with Crema Coffee Garage. The DSQ Brew embodies the power of community initiatives to create positive change and promote greater understanding and acceptance of intellectual disabilities, reminding us that a small cup of coffee can make a big difference.

The DSQ Brew Blend

Inspired by perfection through inclusion and working the Crema Coffee Garage, the DSQ Brew is an organic coffee blend which brings together Brazilian and Colombian beans, balanced by beans from regions in Uganda and Guatemala. This blend works well in both automatic and manual espresso machines, producing a rich and flavoursome shot that most coffee lovers will enjoy. This inclusive blend is top-heavy with fruit goodness. The sweet DSQ Brew has a nutty character and leaves no bitterness at the end of the ride. The ideal beans for your café, the DSQ Brew is perfect for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee that is both delicious and socially conscious.

How we make a difference

Raising awareness of the peak body for intellectual disability can bring numerous benefits to your school. DSQ has access to valuable resources, information, and networks that can help the school community pre, during and post school years. By collaborating with a peak body, schools can tap into their expertise and knowledge in areas such as disability advocacy, inclusion, and community engagement.

Additionally, working with DSQ can boost the school’s connection with families and individuals with intellectual disabilities, creating opportunities for collaboration and mutual support. Ultimately, such partnerships can help special schools better serve their students and promote greater inclusivity in the wider community.

Get in touch!

There is potential for your organisation to get involved with a DSQ Brew coffee stall set up for your staff, teachers or visitors onsite. Whether it’s for committee meetings, carnivals, assemblies, open days – DSQ Brew can be there for you.

Contact us to see which opportunities are right for you via engagement@downsyndromeqld.org.au.

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