Art, design and Gorman! An interview with Robyn Doherty.

Landscape House | Robyn Doherty

In Episode 5 of the Down Syndrome Victoria podcast, DSV’s Kath Mansour and Keziah Glenane interview artist Robyn Doherty. Robyn is an artist who is inspired by built landscapes, houses, and working with patterns. Robyn has been included in a number of exhibitions, and has recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Gorman clothing with her work Jigsaw.

During their conversation, Kath, Kez and Robyn talk about:

  • Robyn’s art practice
  • Her recent collaboration with Gorman clothing
  • What it’s like to be an artist with Down syndrome
  • Advice for aspiring artists
  • And more.

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Links to some of the topics that were discussed during the podcast:

Some of Robyn’s art was also featured in Down Syndrome Victoria’s 2020-21 Annual Report, alongside the work of some other artists with Down syndrome.