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We want to live in a society where people with Down syndrome are valued, and enjoy social and economic inclusion. Together, we can and will create this inclusive community. Support us by becoming a member, making a donation or working with us.
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Make a donation

There are many ways to support Down Syndrome Victoria. The most direct and beneficial in assisting us continue our work is to make a financial contribution with a donation. Down Syndrome Victoria is dependent on donations to fund our operations. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Being a member of Down Syndrome Victoria demonstrates your commitment to our mission: to work alongside people with Down syndrome and their families, so that they may reach their full potential and live the lives they choose.

Becoming a member of Down Syndrome Victoria is now free, and we truly value your commitment. With our collective voice we can create an inclusive society where people with Down syndrome are valued, and enjoy social and economic inclusion. Ask us about membership today.

Work with us

We are an organisation that prides itself on our team work, communication, shared vision and camaraderie. We occasionally have opportunities for like-minded people to join our team. Click the button below for current opportunities.

Volunteer with us

We are a small organisation with limited resources and volunteers play a critical role in enabling Down Syndrome Victoria to empower individuals with Down syndrome for a lifetime of meaningful inclusion in the community. The organisation, which began in 1978, was actually started by volunteers.

Volunteering is a way to connect with your local community as well as provide a pathway to both personal and skill development. Volunteering is open to people of all ages and individuals with a disability are encouraged to apply.


Down Syndrome Victoria undertakes many events and activities to raise funds for our services and programs. Our major fundraising activity is StepUP! for Down syndrome, where families and supporters combine in teams of various sizes to engage in a social walk while raising funds through peer-to-peer engagement.

If you would like to donate to us or hold your own fundraising event, please email

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Our monthly e-newsletter, DNews, is a great way to keep in touch with Down Syndrome Victoria. Keep up to date with the latest events, information and news by becoming a subscriber.

Partnerships/Community involvement

Our mission focuses on meaningful inclusion for individuals with Down syndrome of all ages. Down Syndrome Victoria enjoys some wonderful relationships in many areas of the community throughout Victoria.

If you’re interested in partnering with Down Syndrome Victoria with your club, organisation, event or activity, contact our office on (03) 9486 9600 or email.

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Get involved

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This page tells you how you can get involved and support Down Syndrome Victoria’s work.

Become a Member

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Becoming a member of Down Syndrome Victoria helps with the important work we do.


We work together with people with Down syndrome and their families.

Our work helps people to be included and to live the life they choose.


Being a Member of Down Syndrome Victoria is free.

You can become a member by making an account here.

Work with us

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Team work, communication and good work relationships are important to us.

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Sometimes we have jobs that you can apply for.

You can see job opportunities on our website.

Go to the Career Opportunities webpage.

Become a volunteer


Volunteers are very important in helping us to do our work.

Volunteers help Down Syndrome Victoria to support people with Down syndrome and make sure they are included in the community.

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You can ask us about becoming a volunteer.


Make a Donation

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A money donation to Down Syndrome Victoria is one of the most helpful ways to support our work.

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You can make a donation to Down Syndrome Victoria online using a credit card.

Go to our Donations Page to make a donation.

Partnerships with the Community

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Down Syndrome Victoria has a good relationship with many people and places in Victoria.

Down Syndrome Victoria can be a partner with a club, organisation, event or activity.

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You can contact our office to talk about becoming a partner.

Phone (03) 9486 9600




Down Syndrome Victoria does many different events and activities to raise money for the work that we do.

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StepUP! for Down syndrome is our most important fundraising event.

This is where families and teams do a social walk and raise money for Down syndrome.

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Contact us if you would like to donate to us.

You can also tell us if you want to do your own fundraising event.

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You can contact Down Syndrome Victoria at Phone (03) 9486 9600