Down Syndrome Australia and the Federation provide adults support and information about Down syndrome.
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Resources for adults with Down syndrome

There are guides and resources to help with adult life, housing, employment and more. All of the guides are available in our Resource Hub.

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Housing and independent living resources for adults
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Employment and Down syndrome resources
National Disability Insurance Scheme
Information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Community Inclusion toolkit

Our Community Inclusion Toolkit includes resources about education, employment, community and sports.

You can find the Community Inclusion Toolkit Resources here.

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View the Community Inclusion Toolkit here

Resource Hub

You can find a wide range of resources for adults with Down syndrome in our Resource Hub.

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Click here to find more resources in the Resource Hub

Skills development and social groups

There may be local clubs, groups and skills programs for adults with Down syndrome in your state or territory.

You can find out more about these through your local Down syndrome association.

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Contact your local state/territory association

Find events near you

The State and Territory Down syndrome associations host social events, workshops, skills programs, fundraisers and more.

You can see the latest events on our News and Events page.

See the latest Events and News and Events

Get in touch with your Down syndrome association

Your State or Territory Down syndrome association may be able to provide advice and support to young people and their families.

Call our 1300 number 1300 881 935 to connect with your local state or territory Down syndrome association.

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Find your local state/territory association here