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Now and the Future Podcasts

The Now and the Future podcast is an exciting way of exploring stories, opportunities and current issues as shared by people with Down syndrome and their support networks.  

Throughout this series, we will meet a range of people and provide practical advice to empower people with Down syndrome now and into the future.

With new episodes released regularly, this podcast is essential listening for anyone with links to the Down syndrome community.

About this podcast series

Episode One

Get Active

Get Active is a Social inclusion program and accompanying resource kit, offered by Down Syndrome Queensland to sporting communities across the state. The program educates local sport and physical activity providers (clubs, coaches and volunteers) to increase their capability to deliver accessible, inclusive programs that meet the needs of people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.

In this episode, we hear from Get Active’s Program Coordinator, Liz Willis, about what the program aims to achieve and how it can support clubs, coaches and families to improve sporting participation rates in local areas. The episode also features Get Active Athlete Ambassador Ethan Parry, and Get Active Coach Ambassador Stix (Daniel) McGavin, as they encourage and inspire others to aim for inclusion. Ethan’s mother, Gail Parry, also shares her perspective on Ethan’s athletics pursuits. 

GetActive is funded by the Federal Department of Health under the Driving Social Inclusion through Sport and Physical Activity Program. If you would like to learn more about Get Active, or contact Liz for assistance, head to

Episode Two

Peer Support

The Peer Support Network is a volunteer program facilitated by Down Syndrome Queensland (DSQ). Peer Supporters are parents and close family members of people with Down syndrome, as well as people with Down syndrome, across Queensland who want to offer support in their local community.  

This program is expanding and gaining momentum. Peer support as a model is growing in popularity across many sectors and areas, as a valuable intervention. Peers can offer unique and useful support by virtue of having lived experience.  

In this episode, DSQ’s Peer Support Officer Christina Ranck chats with Early Years Officer Tanya McConnell about the value of the Peer Support Network and what it is providing DSQ members across the state. We also hear from a range of Peer Supporters about what they get out of this role, and what they have been able to contribute to the community.  

DSQ’s Peer Support program is funded by the Department of Social Security’s Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Program. For further information please contact the Peer Support Officer on (07) 3356 6655 or email 

Episode Three

Safeguarding and Setting Boundaries

Statistically, people with a disability can be more vulnerable to abuse; and this can be very confronting to process. However, there are strategies that can be used when assisting others to learn about respectful relationships and maintaining boundaries. Join DSQ’s Support Services team, and Peer Leader Niky, to hear about starting the conversation early with regards to teaching about safeguarding and setting boundaries.