Health professional support

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Parents who are told their baby has Down syndrome, either at birth, or prenatally can recall every moment of that point in time. Many describe it as the base that will determine how effectively they cope and manage these emotions. Medical professionals who take an optimistic, sensitive, compassionate, and non-judgmental approach will empower families. If handled in an off-hand or insensitive manner, it can have a lasting negative effect on the family’s well-being and resilience.

Our Family Support team provide both professional support to health professionals who are tasked with delivering a diagnosis and are able to assist with information and resources and are happy to talk to families who are still considering their options.

A referral to our services at every stage, from an early prenatal screen to an unexpected birth diagnosis, can give parents the knowledge to prepare them for a meaningful future. As parents of children with Down syndrome themselves, our Family Support team can offer peer support and help parents during the diagnosis stage through providing information, making home or hospital visits and providing personal support and advice, to help prepare them for the first weeks and months which can be a difficult time.