Lockdown and Employment with Chris McMahon

Chris (second from left) with his friends at a Club21 event

Thank you to DSV Member Chris McMahon for being a part of the second episode of the Down Syndrome Victoria Podcast. During this episode DSV’s Lucy Bain and Stephanie Papaleo talk with Chris. It’s a casual chat about what they’ve all been up to during lockdown and the types of work that Steph and Chris do. They talk about having Down syndrome in the workplace and what they think people should know about employing someone with Down syndrome.

During their conversation, Chris, Steph and Lucy talk about:

  • What they’ve been up to during lockdown in Melbourne
  • How lockdown has impacted work
  • What they do for work
  • Thoughts about employing a person with Down syndrome

We plan to delve further into the topic of employment in future episodes, so consider this a taster for what is to come! If you have any topics that you would like to hear more about, please let us know via email: info@dsav.asn.au.

For perspective employers who would like to know more about employing a person with Down syndrome, or adults with Down syndrome who would like to know more about getting a job please check out our suite of employment resources or contact our Adult Support Manager, Debby Fraumano.

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