Early Years

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The early years are a crucial time of physical, social and emotional development for children with Down syndrome. There is substantial research supporting the benefits of early intervention for children with Down syndrome. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding can support you to access early intervention supports, and for your child to pursue a range of goals as they grow older. Our Early Years Officer can assist you across many areas, either through 1:1 support or via access to a range of workshops and webinars we deliver. Some of these areas include: 

  • Understanding possible developmental differences for children with Down syndrome 
  • Communication strategies 
  • Information relating to common feeding / behavioural / toileting concerns 
  • Transitioning to childcare, kindergarten, primary and high school settings 
  • Community inclusion and friendships 
  • Co-occurring (additional) diagnoses 
  • Developing informal support networks and social skills 
  • Sibling and wider family support, including adjustment concerns for the whole family 
  • Navigating puberty 
  • School advocacy 
  • Information on available financial and carer assistance 
  • Understanding your child’s NDIS funding and preparing for reviews 
  • Linking you to other relevant support services in the community, including online groups (you can access DSQ’s own Support Group here
  • Connecting you with a Peer Supporter (other families and people with Down syndrome) for additional support 

For further information and support please contact our Early years Support Services Officer on (07) 3356 6655 or send an email at early_years@downsyndromeqld.org.au

For more resources and information relating to early childhood, visit our Resource Hub here 

If you are looking for prenatal / expectant parent / new parent resources, you can find these here  

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